The best yoga at Sydney Northern beaches

When you are getting older you start feeling that your body changes and these changes are not going to be good. Stress, bad eating habits, not enough sleep will affect your body and mind in a non-pleasant way. One of the things which can bring your body back to feeling good is yoga. I can recommend you a very good Yoga teacher and Shiatsu therapist Alena, who gives Yoga classes at Narrabeen Tramshed community centre and at Collaroy Beach. Her yoga style is called Ryoho, a therapy yoga with Japanese roots. It’s designed to heal your body and mind. It blends static and dynamic poses, a lot of power exercises, so it’s really awesome for guys.

Just come on Sunday morning to Collaroy Beach or Tuesday Evening to Narrabeen Tramshed Community centre. You won’t be disappointed and first class is free.

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